6 Techniques to sooth your baby back to sleep


Pick up, put down method
When your baby wakes crying at night, pick them up whilst you imagine experts putting down your parenting techniques.

The self sooth method
Simply allow your baby to bat itself in the face and have a look round for a couple of hours in the middle of the night. Can be used in conjunction with the shhhhhing method.

The no-tears method
That’s a doll. Your baby is the one over there. OVER THERE.

The shhhhhhhh technique

If you don’t stop crying, HOW WILL YOU HEAR THAT I’M SHHHHHHING YOU??

Controlled crying
Just bury your face in the pillow and howl away so as not to wake your partner.

Retreat method
4.45am is a pretty reasonable time to start the day. Retreat to the sofa with your baby and see what’s on ITV2.

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