Week 8: Rolling away the stone


Monday was a day of contrast with Monkey Music in the morning (click here for the full story) and a meeting with a serious man to write a will in the afternoon. I’ll leave it to you to guess which one Isaac loudly shat himself during.

As an aside, I think I Mrs Captain Poo Pants might murder me if I don’t stop singing the first couple of lines of wind the bobbin up which I learnt this week. Hopefully I’ll learn the next two at Monkey Music next week.

That London
We had to go up that big London this week on a train. I’ll leave it to you to guess whether Isaac loudly shat himself on the train or not but suffice to say the changing facilities on a southeastern train are not as sophisticated as you might hope in this day and age. In fact you have to do it right there on the seats – judging by the state of the upholstry we weren’t the first.  Luckily I had my dad bag portable cushioned luxury changing mat with me. I had a serious dad fail though – my pack of wipes only had one wipe left to deal with what can only be described as a multi-pack situation. Luckily we managed to scrounge some off a nearby, better parent.

Lie in
The good news – after some tough nights this week I had a one hour lie in on Wednesday.  The bad news – I had a nightmare about a spider and then woke up :'(.

We had family for Easter. It was really nice to see the way Captain Poo Pants’s cousins were with him. My nephew informs us that “baby Isaac has hands as soft as banana” which I think is a powerful use of simile.

My niece and nephew have also created a 21st century version of rock, paper,  scissors with new contestants including stick, worm and Jesus’s face.

Regular readers will know that one of Captain Poo Pants’s main skills is not having any teeth – I’d say he’s probably in the top 10 in the country at not having any teeth. Two things everyone knows about sharks: 1) they cut 9 sets of teeth over their lifetime, and 2) they never sleep. These two things are not unrelated.

Baby blogging awards

If you are enjoying our Captain Poo Pants exploits, please find it in your heart to nominate me for one or both of the following big parent blogging awards. It’ll only take 5 minutes – cheers.

BIB Awardsfresh voice and writer categories

Tots 100 MAD Awardsnewcomer category.

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