Top 10 Christmas toys 2016 (part 1)

10) Norman Lamont’s Budget Simulator

All the rough and tumble of negotiating and agreeing departmental spending limits at an uncertain economic time with the added fun of projecting the public sector net borrowing requirement! Don’t forget to adjust for inflation!

Suitable for ages 3 and above

9) Hangry Hangry Hippos

Watch as your hippos get increasingly irate as you offer them small plastic balls which they mistake for food!

Contains one pair hippo handling mittens

8) Sit Around!

Set the timer and see who can sit in silence longest! Wake up grandad! 

7) Marcus Wareing’s My First Kitchen

Why not whip up a bolognese or maybe an apple crumble? Your little ones will love having their creations torn to shreds by the lifelike animatronic Marcus Wareing! One things for sure – they’ll only underseason the fucking carrots once!

6) Shelf on a shelf –

Remind dad that he really should get round to finishing off those shelves. Come on dad!

Positions 5 – 1 coming soon!

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