The 12 men you find on Dad groups

1) The personally offended by innocuous mention of motherhood
Mothercare??? Winds me right up. What about fathercare? Bitches #boycott

2) The shock and awe
I worry about my family’s future and that’s why I’ve bought this MASSIVE ARSENAL OF ASSAULT WEAPONS LOOK HERE ARE PICTURES OF THEM ALL AND THE SPECIFICATIONS NO ONE MESSES WITH MY FAMILY AND IF THEY DO I’LL SHOOT THEIR FACE IN.  Looking forward to Daddy daughter time later, yay!

3) The I heart polio
I’m probably a bit cleverer than the collected wisdom of medical science throughout the ages so we won’t be vaccinating our children and will treat their Victorian illnesses at home using crystals and bay leaves. Here’s a shonkily made Youtube video that explains everything.

4) The should have sought help from a professional
I was ploughing the mrs the other day and me knob come off. Has any other gents experienced this?

5) The spends a lot of time in his garage
Here’s a picture of my car.

6) The budding chef
Treating the missus.

7) The context free nutter
Omfg I fuming the fckin bich asnonly gon n done me for harrassmant even tho i aint bin near her wot a surprise day afta she was sposed ti be comin to my moms to drop off Shyla-Lee I swear on my nans grave fckin fumig.

Soz just need to vent.

8) The will grow up with a terrible relationship with his daughter
[Posts picture of a shotgun with the caption ‘birth control’]

9) The this is obviously in violation of the rules
Please delete if this isn’t allowed. I haven’t read the clear and obvious pinned post which forbids this but here are some ways I would like to access this network of contacts I’ve done nothing towards for my own personal gain.

10) The post a meme that everyone else saw ages ago
Haha made me laugh gents

11) The I assume all 8000 of you have been following my complex custody case as closely as I am
Hearing postponed. Ain’t got the right paperwork typical.

12) The yeah obviously
Real men don’t beat their kids with big stick and then waterboard them for a laugh. Share if you agree.

I should add that in the dad groups there are kid related posts and genuine dad questions as well as general hilarity about getting hit in the testes (75% of being a father).

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